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Property Management Michael Berdelis offers property management services to those homeowners that wish to rent their property instead of sell it. He and his office specializes leasing single family residences, condos, 2-4 unit buildings, commercial and office. buildings. Our clients can rest assured that their properties will be occupied fast. We can handle managing the property if you are out of area. This includes taking care of paying all bills including property tax and insurance on time and sending you a monthly statement so you can see your property’s income and expenses. Our Property Management Services Include:
  • Aggressive marketing of your property to limit vacancy periods
  • Thorough screening of prospective tenants which includes: credit check, income verification and rental history verification for each applicant
  • Preparing property to be rent ready by working with vendors and contractors
  • Collecting and depositing rents for out of area homeowners
  • Continual rental market analysis to ensure maximum return on your investment

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